About us

Our pest control company in Chiang Mai keeps pests and termites under control with a non toxic solution.

Green Nanotechnology (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. We realize about the danger and the disaster cause by termites and others insects. They destroy houses buildings, restaurants, hotels even factory building. So, we have thought about the importance of the service business, controlling termites and other insects like ant, cockroach and spiders. Also, our company has realized about human health, pet health and the environment which is very important. Herbs-Nanotechnology is the best way to control termites. And it is 100% effective.

We aim to give the best service and high quality solutions for you pest control needs. ​

We will protect your house like it is our own. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee.

No drill application! The pests take the product back to their nests.

Termites and other pests will be eradicated by Green Nanotechnology.

Nano Technology

Toxic Free

Our pest control company’s solution was extracted from many sorts of Herbs and desert plants. It contained no toxic chemicals.

100 % effective under the period of guarantee and usually much longer.

No need for piercing any holes or placing pipe line.

Do not have to move the whole family from the house during the operation because it is odorless.

Bait less.

The whole nest will slowly die.

Standard Pest Control


It is very dangerous. It can cause many diseases. For examples, sterile, mind grain, cancer, allergy, Alzheimer and ED.

Toxic will permeate into soil and spread down to the water welds or rivers.

The solution did not stay long. You have the spray it every month.

Floor and furniture damaging from piercing or placing pipe line.

Can be unpleasant odors and Dangerous to humans and animals.


Only the termites that have direct contact will die.

Want a free no obligation pest check for your property?

Our trained team can come to your house and find all your pesky pests within 48 hours.